One of these days, I'm going to redo the entire Road Trip series. I actually have a lot more pages of it in this incarnation, but I can do better. Desert Animals, on the other hand, is perfect.

ROAD TRIP page 1
ROAD TRIP page 2
Desert Animals I
Desert Animals II

Not an awful lot of fanart yet! Which is understandable, considering I get like ten hits per day. I'm not complaining; I'm just saying, that's why. Anyway:

"Jab, the man with the hair" by my good friend Aaron. I think this was made in PaintShop Pro or something. It's not a Rembrandt, but it's pretty true to the source material while also exploring the capabilities of the medium. I'd like to see you do a better job.

A FAN COMIC by SimonBob and CodPor. SimonBob WROTE it, CodPor DREW it. It was a team effort. Like the Megazord. I give it four stars, which means that SimonBob and CodPor get two stars each.

Some diagonal fanart from What. "What" is his handle, okay? His "internet name." What has drawn some of my characters, except they have been in What's style, so their hair isn't absurd. What's style is different from my style in that What's style make sense. And who's that on the bottom? Who's that furry-looking guy?

THE NIGHTMARE by Aaron. Aaron's second piece of Patheticity fanart features the Goat Man along with the cast of Desert Animals! Aaron has used whatever primitive paintshop program he has to great effect, what with the various characters sharing lines with each other and melding into each other and you really just ought to look at it. It's awesome. The black oval over Goat Man's eyes has to do with this really freaky dream I told Aaron about. The dream involved Sam Waterson with a big black oval over his eyes. I woke up screaming.

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